Stay On Track with Health Goals by Using Phone Apps

Knowing what we should do and doing it are often two different matters. We know that losing weight and making healthier food choices are critical to defending ourselves not only from cancer but also cardiac, and other major health concerns. Any tools that we can use effectively to remind us and to keep us focused on our priorities are important to consider. Phone apps (or applications) are “just what the doctor ordered.”

There are new apps being developed every day for use on various smart phones such as iphone and android models. The options are endless. Here are a few FREE apps that you may want to review to determine if it offers value in helping you to stay on track to maintain good health.

For weight loss, take a look at “Lose It!” This free app allows you to document everything you eat, track your exercise and calories burned, and help you to stay on target with your weight loss goals.  To make sure you are choosing the best food options, take a look at Fooducate, another free app. This app helps you to determine (via upc code data) if the food items you check have healthy ingredients. This app even suggests healthier alternatives. Aviva’s My Stress Kit is another valuable free app. This app helps you keep an eye on your stress levels. The more you use My Stress Kit’s tools, the easier it can be to identify the causes of stress and manage life’s everyday pressures a little better. Less stress equals less cortisol which equals less health risk.

And when you aren’t feeling your best and need to assess your health, you can check symptoms with iTriage. This free app will help you determine what may be wrong, so you get the right medical help. You can of course, verify with the WebMD app.  The next time you are in a doctor’s waiting room…and you’re just waiting…..take a peek at all of the Health apps available on itunes. You are sure to find some apps that will help you to achieve and maintain your health goals.



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