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Whenever, someone is diagnosed with cancer, usually one of the first questions they hear is: “Does anyone in your family have a history of cancer?” This perpetuates the misconception that cancer is primarily hereditary. The truth is, it is not. The Government (National Institutes of Health) compiles vast data on research regarding the various attributable causes of cancer cases. And that data clearly reveals that ONLY about 5 to 10% of cancer cases are due to genetics. 75 to 95% of cancer cases are due to environmental factors and lifestyle choices.

So what this means is, that CANCER IS PREVENTABLE! In Cancer Free 123, I discuss the concept of “cancer feeders” and “cancer fighters” and their role in affecting our cancer risk and occurrence. These are environmental exposures, habits, foods and products that either encourage or discourage cancer cell growth. By understanding what causes cancer and what prevents cancer, we are empowered with the choices that determine our own personal risk of cancer.

I recently produced a brief audio class that helped to explain these concepts and to discuss how we all, for the most part, can strongly influence our own risk of getting or NOT getting cancer. To receive a FREE copy of this audio class…enter your email below. You will receive it instantly by email along with a cancer prevention book.

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