Irish Scientists Discover New Vaccine Approach
for Cancer Treatment

Killer T Cells Attacking a Tumor

Scientists from the University Of Dublin’s Trinity College announced that they have developed a new vaccine to treat pre-clinical cancer.

The research team ….discovered a new approach for treating the disease based on manipulating the immune response to malignant tumours…… there are plans to develop the vaccine for clinical use for cancer patients…..tumours… produce molecules that suppress the efficacy of the immune system. They generate regulatory cells that inhibit the immune response that could potentially clear the tumours…..Professor Mills’ group has developed a novel vaccine and immunotherapeutic approach that can overcome these obstacles and has the potential to significantly improve on existing technologies……The therapy is based on a combination of molecules that manipulates the immune response to curb the regulatory arm while enhancing the protective arm, allowing the induction of specialist white blood cells called killer T cells to target and eliminate the tumours. The new vaccine approach was found to be highly effective at pre-clinical stage in treating a range of cancers…..

(Read the Press Release)
(Read the Published Abstract)

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