Such a sad headline: “Former Miss Venezuela
dies of breast cancer at 28″

Seeing headlines like this always make me sad. 28 year old Eva Ekvall, who was crowned Miss Venezuela at age 17, in 2000 died on Saturday from breast cancer. Losing someone at any age to cancer is devastating. However, to be robbed of one’s life at such a young age is just so “criminal.” And as is, all too often the case, Eva left behind a 2 year old daughter.

In her book, “Fuera de Foco” (“Out of Focus”), Eva shared her struggle with cancer. And while her fame, has highlighted her sad story……she is but one of thousands of young women and men who are robbed of a full life, by cancer.

One common theme that resonates with young cancer patients is that many times they are not informed of, or offered, early detection options because they don’t “fit the profile” of a cancer statistic. Often their cancers are found too late for effective life saving treatment.

So if there is anything that we can “gain” from such a sad story is the message to all that we must listen to our bodies, question our doctors, get second opinions, demand testing and evaluation whenever you have symptoms that concern you and refuse to be profiled. We must be our own advocates by embracing cancer prevention and early detection.

(Read the story in YahooNews)


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