Does Obesity Increase Cancer Risks?

In Cancer Free 123, I discussed how being overweight, can increase cancer risks. Many carcinogens and toxins that we may encounter in the environment and in products we use, are lipophilac. This means that these various dangerous exposures “love fat” tissue.

An overweight person is more at risk, that something like tobacco pollution, could be attracted to the fat tissue in the body and want to “hang out” to later wreak havoc. So, in a sense the heavier you are, the more your body is like a “magnet” to carcinogens.

Being overweight also creates other metabolic challenges that threaten one’s health and create an increased vulnerability to cancer. Hormonal balance, insulin production and healthy immune responses are all hindered by elevated body fat.

A report released today by Health Day News reveals that new research suggests that obesity will also impact survivability in cancer cases. Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine report that:

“The findings add to the body of evidence indicating that obesity, in general, increases a patient’s chance for having a worse prognosis,” lead researcher Dr. Sao Jiralerspong, an assistant professor of medicine at Baylor, said in a symposium news release. “Obesity is a probable risk factor for worse breast cancer outcomes, and ours is the latest study to suggest it has an effect on treatment outcome as well.”

(Read the full story here).

This is just one more reason to consult with your doctor about a safe exercise plan and healthy eating plan to start the New Year off,  cancer free.

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