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Healthy Product Feature: Aluminum & Paraben Free Deodorant

Tori’s Deodorant is an (aluminum free & paraben free) deodorant for women that works! Tori’s Strives to create awareness on the hazards of many ingredients in mainstream deodorants on the market today. Among these ingredients the most concerning are that of aluminum and parabens. To find out more about Tori’s products and to purchase them […]


Cancer Survivor Spotlight: Ali Maloy
Author of:CANCER CRASH COURSE: What to Expect When You’ve Got Cancer

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, you probably already realize how terrifying “facing cancer” can be—you are dealing with the crippling horror right now. The day my doctor told me I had cancer is still as clear in my head as if it happened yesterday. The diagnosis itself is nothing short of petrifying—but going […]

Read More... is on a Mission to brighten the cancer journey

Freebies, Discounts and Resources for those Facing Cancer Created by Ginger Johnson, a young cancer survivor (diagnosed at age 31 when 5 months pregnant), Happy Chemo! is an Oxymoron on a Mission to brighten the cancer journey. Our Mission is to ease the fear, frustration and financial burden associated with cancer by connecting survivors and […]


Eazy Brow® – Helping Chemo Patients Confront Facial Hair Loss

I just profiled Wendy McGee and her company, Eazy Brow® on the Cancer Free Radio Site. This is an amazing product that will help women who experience facial hair loss during chemo to regain elements of their appearance that soothes the spirit and rebuilds self esteem. SEE THE FULL REPORT ON: Cancer Free Radio …