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Finding the Motivation to Pursue a Healthy Lifestyle

Reasons for Being Healthy by Kamala Appel   Available on Amazon   Reasons for Being Healthy explores why people have decided to live a healthy life in efforts to motivate others to regain their own health, happiness, and overall well-being. Studies claim that it takes 4-6 weeks to develop a new habit. The key to […]


Dancing With The Enemy by Meg Brown

~~~ Dancing With The Enemy by Meg Brown In Dancing With The Enemy (Letting the Good Outweigh the Bad)– Meg Brown — author, cancer survivor, and celebrated speaker — tells the passionate, remarkable and spellbinding story of how she overcame a life-and-death battle with cancer — turning devastation and adversity into an uplifting, life-transforming experience […]

Read More... is on a Mission to brighten the cancer journey

Freebies, Discounts and Resources for those Facing Cancer Created by Ginger Johnson, a young cancer survivor (diagnosed at age 31 when 5 months pregnant), Happy Chemo! is an Oxymoron on a Mission to brighten the cancer journey. Our Mission is to ease the fear, frustration and financial burden associated with cancer by connecting survivors and […]


Book Launch News from the #1 Ranked Life Coach

We just profiled: Malti Bhojwani on our Cancer Free Radio blog. Malti Bhojwani Life Coach ranked #1 on LinkedIn out of over 180,000 life coaches internationally Her latest book, Don’t Think of a Blue Ball, has hit the shelves and can be purchased online internationally from         See our full […]