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What Are the Benefits of a Paleo Diet?

Guest post by Suz:   Have you ever considered that the very foods we’re told are healthy, might actually be quite the opposite? The Paleo Diet is gaining a huge following, yet turns conventional wisdom on its head. At its core, Paleo promotes eating real, whole, unprocessed foods. Meat should be grass-fed and good quality. […]


Finding the Motivation to Pursue a Healthy Lifestyle

Reasons for Being Healthy by Kamala Appel   Available on Amazon   Reasons for Being Healthy explores why people have decided to live a healthy life in efforts to motivate others to regain their own health, happiness, and overall well-being. Studies claim that it takes 4-6 weeks to develop a new habit. The key to […]


“Cancer Fighters” Make A Perfect Gift

We just profiled The Tea Can Company on We already know that tea is an excellent source of cancer fighting antioxidants. The Tea Can Company maintains a Breast Cancer Awareness line that not only donates 10% to fight breast cancer, they also have fundraising programs that charities can use to further the efforts to […]


The Pink Paper – offers inspiration, hope and information to nourish the mind, body and spirit during a Cancer Experience

Here is a special Resource that you should know about: The Pink Paper The Pink Paper was founded by Editor-in-Chief Natalie Palmer and Publisher Roy Gardner. Natalie is a metastatic breast cancer thriver and was compelled to launch a resource that focused on prevention. The Pink Paper is a free monthly magazine that as Natalie […]


Can a Coach Help You to End Sickness?

According to the National Institutes of Health, most illnesses are likely connected to lifestyle and environment….things we can control. That’s why we think that Health and Life Coach, Steve Carney, is on to something. Steve has established a Coaching practice that incorporates his mission: to end sickness. We profiled Steve on our Cancer Free Radio […]