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Stay On Track with Health Goals by Using Phone Apps

Knowing what we should do and doing it are often two different matters. We know that losing weight and making healthier food choices are critical to defending ourselves not only from cancer but also cardiac, and other major health concerns. Any tools that we can use effectively to remind us and to keep us focused […]

Read More... is on a Mission to brighten the cancer journey

Freebies, Discounts and Resources for those Facing Cancer Created by Ginger Johnson, a young cancer survivor (diagnosed at age 31 when 5 months pregnant), Happy Chemo! is an Oxymoron on a Mission to brighten the cancer journey. Our Mission is to ease the fear, frustration and financial burden associated with cancer by connecting survivors and […]


Charity Spotlight: BCC Rally

In 2004, a group of friends decided to get together to play golf for a purpose. Unfortunately it rained, so the day was more about lunch than golf, but they raised $1,000 from their small raffle, which they were pleased to send off to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Thanks to the dedication of […]


Eazy Brow® – Helping Chemo Patients Confront Facial Hair Loss

I just profiled Wendy McGee and her company, Eazy Brow® on the Cancer Free Radio Site. This is an amazing product that will help women who experience facial hair loss during chemo to regain elements of their appearance that soothes the spirit and rebuilds self esteem. SEE THE FULL REPORT ON: Cancer Free Radio …


Saying Goodbye to Y-ME…..

I must say I was a bit shocked getting this goodbye email from Y-Me yesterday.   Goodbye and Thank you. It is with deep regret that we inform you that Y-ME has closed its doors. For over 30 years, we were the primary organization that provided support and information from peer counselors who truly understood […]


Have Questions about Mesothelioma and Asbestos Risks?

If you have questions about work related exposure to asbestos and the link to Mesothelioma, then please review a feature we posted to Cancer Free Radio. We highlighted the Mesothelioma Center and the enormous amount of research and information provided through their website at Click here for the Cancer Free Radio feature.     […]


Book Launch News from the #1 Ranked Life Coach

We just profiled: Malti Bhojwani on our Cancer Free Radio blog. Malti Bhojwani Life Coach ranked #1 on LinkedIn out of over 180,000 life coaches internationally Her latest book, Don’t Think of a Blue Ball, has hit the shelves and can be purchased online internationally from         See our full […]


Cancer Kickin Warrior – the ultimate feel good cancer survivor book

We just profiled Inez Whitehead-Dickens the inspiring author of this special book for cancer survivors. Cancer Kickin Warrior-the ultimate feel good cancer survivor book In this book, Inez reveals true stories (including her own) of people who have survived all stages and types of cancer. See our full report about Inez on: Inez on Cancer […]


Can a Coach Help You to End Sickness?

According to the National Institutes of Health, most illnesses are likely connected to lifestyle and environment….things we can control. That’s why we think that Health and Life Coach, Steve Carney, is on to something. Steve has established a Coaching practice that incorporates his mission: to end sickness. We profiled Steve on our Cancer Free Radio […]


How To Have Your “Best Life After Breast Cancer”

More and more of us are surviving Breast Cancer…thanks to early detection, proactive health changes and improving treatment options. However, after surviving such an exhausting, emotional, challenging and often frightening experience many survivors are left with a “post cancer confusion” state. There are questions. What’s next? How do I feel empowered again? How do I […]